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You have an option to do online math learning with experienced advisers. We provide online tutorials in various formats. We can help you with courses at different levels, from high school math to most university level courses. Sample courses: Calculus at all levels, Linear algebra, Complex Variables, Differential equations,Discrete math, Engineering math, Probability and Statistics. We serve math courses from grade 10 level, up to some beginning graduate level courses. Many PhD students also find our services very helpful.  

MathWit is based in CalgaryCanada.  We offer online math tutorial to students in most countries around the world at very affordable rates. We provide our learners with some free materials, where you can find problems and solutions, many of which are unique and did not published. 

To get started with online learning, please check out the entry/demo course Math0.  To become a member, please contact us via:

You need to provide your school email address or if yo are not currently in school, a government issues picture ID is required.By limiting the number of uses getting access, we can ensure we can provide the best services we can possibly offer.


Available courses

This course servers two purposes: an entry course and a demo course. 

New users and tutors (instructors) should at least look around to see how things work.

For one payment of under $10USD/month ($59.99 one time fee) to get one year access. No auto-renews, so you have the full control!  During the year, we will continuously improve the contents and adding resources. Parents can buy this as a gift for their children to assist their early years at universities since it also covers some university-level materials and would be a good reference.  

"Elementary mathematics consists of mathematics topics frequently taught at the primary or secondary school levels." - cited from:

The topics include those typically covered from grade 1 to grade 12 in the United States and Canda as well as some university level materials, for example, calculus, differential equations, probability&statistics, linear algebra, discrete math. The review is in an online course format that includes many harder exercises than usually taught at North America schools. The participants can select exercises based on their actual needs.

Who is this for:

Primary and high school teachers and students can use the resources here help their teaching and study. 

Beginning college or university students who need to review some materials and succeed their first-year courses.  

Students who are considering to take Math AP, IB courses and wish to get a good foundation before that.

Parents, tutors who wish to engage students in mathematics by selecting some addition problems or activities.

This is not a course and thus no need to worry about grades or credits. But, it will help students and teachers to succeed.  A good portion of the exercises is unique and may not be seen elsewhere.  A payment is required to access the materials to protect your privileges.  

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Refund policy:

$5.99 USD will be deducted from the refund if you contact us to cancel, within the first 7 days: After that, you can receive $29.99 refund up to the longest possible time that PayPal allows a refund (currently 180 days). No refund after 180 days, but you can transfer your account to another person if you wish, after notifying us first. You agree that you will not charge that person for more than $29.99 USD and provide us a record of the transaction. 

Upper level undergraduate or beginning graduate students: review some of the concepts and skills in several areas of mathematics as well as the basics of some software like Matlab, Mathematica, R.

This course contains some tutorial material hve very detailed solutions for most problems, and sometimes the amount of details is amazing. Some with more than one solutions and comments. This tutorial is part of the materials used for the class.

This course will be valuable for engineering, physics, chemistry, finance, economics students as well as for math majors.


  • Elementary mathematics: selected problems with connection to calculus or linear algebra, number theory. 
  • Calculus, examples from single variable to multi-variable calculus.
  • Combinatorics and discrete math
  • Real analysis
  • Topology
  • Complex analysis, with a few examples from analytic number theory.
  • Laplace, Fourier and Z-transforms with applications
  • Ordinary differential equations
  • Partial differential equations
  • Linear Algebra
  • Abstract algebra
  • Number theory 
  • Probability and statistics
  • Other (Set theory, Logic...)

Contact: please fill in the contact form.

This is a course that is suitable for both undergraduate and graduate students. It may also help you with qualifying exams for most math Ph.D. programs. 

Text book:

Complex Analysis by Theodore W. Gamelin, 2001

Additional comments about the contents with details and more examples will be provided. There will also be solutions to some exercises.  Tutor/instructor participate online forum discussions, respond to emails. Optional 1-1 online tutorial possible for $21 USD/hour or $28 CAD/hour.

Shared Resources for several courses, not a course. No tutorials.

Resources for tutors or instructors. 

If you cannot change yourself and take care of your loved ones, how can you change the world? So let's start by changing ourselves little by little, learn some hidden rules at Canadian work places for a better future!

This is a private informal discussion course that is not open to the public. 

How it works:  Register by invitation only. See the contact page to contact us.

This tutorial course contains materials that may not be seen elsewhere. It will help you to improve your English and communication skills in Canadian schools and work places. 

You may request other services related to your job search needs.

Some topics: 

  • Canadian work place culture (use a required book, 10 topics and additional summary)
  • Discussion - Work and job search experiences in Canada and USA: Resume, CV and interview tips.  
  • Additional English vocabulary and phrases, open discussions
  • Discussion, not visible to the public.