"DeepMind has always been a unique hybrid of startup culture and academia, and we’ve been lucky to collaborate with many of the best researchers from around the world. Today we’re thrilled to announce our next phase: the opening of DeepMind’s first ever international AI research office in Edmonton, Canada, in close collaboration with the University of Alberta (UAlberta)." (the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, AB, Canada)

"...DeepMind’s first ever advisor from back in 2010 - Rich Sutton, together with Michael Bowling and Patrick Pilarski. All three will maintain their professorships at UAlberta...

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The University of Alberta is one of the two major universities in Alberta, Canada. The other university is the University of Calgary which is also one of Canada's major universities and is getting stronger academically.  The rising of Canadian universities may partly due to Canada's more friendly immigration policies than the those of the USA.

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