AI is being used to do programming, software development and even be able to "Solving (Some) Formal Math Olympiad Problems", see this paper for more info.:

If you feel the next two paragraphs sound overwhelming, you can go straight to the 3rd paragraph(after this one). 

"Blockchain is poised to enrich AI by bringing trust to data, models, and analytics" ( Many people are looking beyond blockchain already(Holochain, with HOT as its Cryptocurrency).

The Crypto market can be wild, with big changes within a short period of time. Compared with many other cryptos, Bitcoin and  ETH (Ethereum) are like stable currencies, although ETH is more than doubled in the past two months or so, there are other coins with much bigger changes. Some people say a day in the crypto market is like 10 years in the stock market, big gains or losses can occur quickly without any leverages.  AI may help to analyze and even attempt to predict the market. 

The good news is, even for inexperienced people,  including those who have never done any trading,  never bought any stocks, the crypto market can be easy, friendly, safe, and educational. You can do micro trading with so that you have no risks but with high chances to increase your initial micro-investment.  You can deposit major currencies in small amounts, for example, $100 USD.  Then you can buy a fraction of a Bitcoin, ETH, and hundreds of other cryptocurrencies.  You can trade an amount that is less than $0.01! Here is an example:

CRO/USDT Micro-Trade under $0.01! Less than a penny! Great to practice risk-free at

As you can see from the above, I sold 0.001 CRO for $0.0002 USDT, which is about 1/50 of one penny ($0.01/20)! Now, do you want to practice risk-free? What's more, you may even get a 10% annual interest rate by depositing major currencies for 3 months (renewable manually).  To get started, you need to click the following link: is one of the best Crypto trading platforms in the world. We feel that it is the easiest one to use. It allows micro-trading which means that it can be really risk-free. This makes it safer to grow your knowledge, experience, and wealth. The picture below shows one of a search result on Google (Forbes rating and review, click below to open the link): Review by Forbes, rating 4.7/5 coin, CRO is enjoying healthy growth, see the weekly chart: CRO USDT Weekly Chart 2019 to 2021. For the current price, 2022, see this link:

CRO USDT Weekly Chart 2019 to 2021

If you stake CRO, you can also enjoy a 10% annual rate paid daily (some other assets like USDT, TrueCAD, can get 3-month terms but the interest is paid weekly, not daily. Cryptos that are not tied to fiat currencies are generally getting lower interest rates) and enjoy many other benefits including a $50 bonus paid after 180 days. also has a prepaid VISA card that has a cash reward, the minimum is 1% (as CRO), you may want to apply and try it out.

NFT market is something else you can try at, especially if you are an artist, author, or someone who is creative, the sky is your limit.

Warning: "The Digital Assets held in your account including your Crypto Earn are not protected by any government-backed insurance scheme, including without limitation the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) or the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC)", quoted from:

Warning: "Avoid trading with any significant amount without learning and accumulate enough experience.  Extreme fluctuations may wipe out most of your investment. Be prepared to lose all your investment if without enough experience. Past market performance does not guarantee future performances.

Now you might be thinking, are there many robots trading cryptocurrencies? Yes, like the stock market, there are plenty of bots! Can you possibly win over the bots? Probably not. Humans can no longer win complicated games like go over AI(artificial intelligence), so we should not hope to win over those AI trading bots (trading bots equipped with artificial intelligence).  The future of trading would be more and more challenging, possibly there will be a world war with all the AI bots involved! So what can I do? Keep learning, keep learning something new! Of course, you need a solid math foundation!

Wait, have you heard about Quantum AI? Even if not, you are probably already expecting Quantum AI will be gradually coming to life and mature in the coming years. If interested, you may want to look at this news:

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