From Micro Income to Diversified Income Streams

1: More and more jobs are not as stable as before (the good old days). Who knows if you might get laid off someday if not keep learning new things...

2: The consumer price index has skyrocketed since the US dollar is no longer a currency (no longer tied to gold). With a high inflation rate, your real salary (in terms of purchasing power) is more likely to shrink than grow.

3: It is harder and harder to get jobs, especially for those with advanced degrees who are looking for jobs related to their education.

The goal of having a job is not as attractive as before, as income potential is very limited for virtually all regular jobs, not to say the high tax rate. What should we do? Diversifying your income streams can help! Just having one "big idea" and putting all your eggs into one basket is risky in most situations.  Side jobs and passive incomes are essential nowadays. Micro Income might be generated from WEB 3.0 activities, s more and more people can actually own the data... You may visit the following link for more information:,with%20online%20networks%20or%20services.


Last modified: Saturday, 29 October 2022, 11:42 PM