From Micro Income to Diversified Income Streams

 More and more jobs are not as stable as before (the good old days). Everyone needs to earn additional income other than their jobs. Earning a small amount regularly may also help. 

The consumer price index has skyrocketed since the US dollar is no longer a healthy currency (no longer tied to gold). With a high inflation rate, your purchasing power is more likely to shrink than grow. It is harder and harder to get jobs, especially for those with advanced degrees who are looking for jobs that are related to their education.

The goal of having a job is not as attractive as before, as income potential is very limited for virtually all regular jobs, not to mention the high tax rate. What should we do? Diversifying your income streams. Just having one "big idea" and putting all your eggs into one basket is risky in most situations.  Side jobs and passive incomes are essential nowadays. Micro Income might be generated from WEB 3.0 activities, as more and more people can actually own the data... You may visit the following link for more information:,with%20online%20networks%20or%20services.

We do not recommend people trading cryptos but earning cryptos by using the Rewards Visa card is a good idea. Stake as little as $400 USD or $500 CAD worth of crypto (CRO) for 180 days, and you will get 1% cash back for purchases paid in CRO (a cryptocurrency). The most popular option is to buy $4000 USD worth of CRO and stake for 180 days, get a cashback rate 2%, and also earn 4% staking reward paid weekly in CRO. Purchase reward is paid almost instantly, way better than most regular credit cards' monthly reward payment. Since the reward is paid with CRO, you may hold it and sell it when the price reaches your goal. This is way safer than trading cryptos.  Since the long-term trend for the market is generally upward, you may end up with an actual profit of over 1 or 2 %.  is one of the safest crypto companies to work with.  You may also visit VISA's official webpage for more info. about VISA's involvement in cryptos:

To get the VISA card, you can start by registering using the link: VISA card

For benefits of using the VISA card, see:

You may ask, what if the market is down? Your staked crypto may be worth much less, but you will continue to enjoy all the benefits and it is unlikely that your staked CRO will crash to $0. Some people just enjoy using the VISA card, which is a debit card, thus, not possible to get into debt.  As how CRO prices fluctuate, they don't care, because it is a long-term investment. Remember, the market will always recover after each major crash. 

Last modified: Tuesday, 7 February 2023, 3:50 PM