Space:"\ " will give you a space in math expressions, notice the space after "\".

Vector and bar:  \bar a  gives you \(\bar a\),  \vec a  gives you \(\vec a\) and  gives you \(\overline{AB}\).

Under and above: \underset{a\ note\ here}{x+y+z}  gives you \(\underset{a\ note\ here}{x+y+z}\) and \overset{a\ note\ here}{x+y+z} gives you \(\overset{a\ note\ here}{x+y+z}\). To make it looks better we can us the code \underset{a\ note\ here}{\underbrace{x+y+z}} to get

\(\underset{a\ note\ here}{\underbrace{x+y+z.}}\)

Similarly  \overset{\text{ Some texts}}{\overbrace{(a+b+c+d)^2}}  gives you

\(\overset{\text{ Some texts}}{\overbrace{(a+b+c+d)^2.}}\)


Some special characters:

For the following special characters, double-click it and then you can select and copy code by using your mouse.

\(\alpha\), \(\beta\), \(\gamma\), \(\delta\), \(\epsilon\), \(\varepsilon\), \(\zeta\), \(\eta\), \(\theta\), \(\vartheta\), \(\iota\), \(\kappa\), \(\lambda\), \(\mu\), \(\nu\), \(\xi\), \(o\), \(\pi\), \(\varpi\), \(\upsilon\), \(\phi\), \(\varphi\), \(\chi\), \(\psi\), \(\omega\), \(\Gamma\), \(\Delta\), \(\Theta\), \(\Lambda\), \(\Xi\), \(\Pi\), \(\Sigma\), \(\Upsilon\), \(\Phi\), \(\Psi\), \(\Omega\), \$, \(\infty\), \(\cap\), \(\bigcap\), \(\cup\), \(\bigcup\) , \(\geq\), \(\leq\), \(\neq\), \(\doteq\), \(\propto\), \(\asymp\), \(\ll\), \(\gg\), \(\equiv\), \(\sim\), \(\simeq\), \(\approx\), \(\cong\), \(\rightarrow\), \(\Rightarrow\),\(\leftarrow\), \(\Leftarrow\), \(\leftrightarrow\), \(\Leftrightarrow\), \(\uparrow\), \(\downarrow\), \(\updownarrow\), \(\Uparrow\), \(\Downarrow\), \(\Updownarrow\), \(\cdot\), \(\cdots\), \(\vdots\), \(\ddots\), \(\angle\), \(\emptyset\), \(\bot\), \(\triangle\), \(\nabla\), \(\partial\), \(\heartsuit\), \(\spadesuit\), \(\clubsuit\), \(\forall\), \(\exists\), \(\hbar\), \(\sharp\), \(\natural\), \(\flat\), \(\div\), \(\times\), \(\pm\), \(\mp\), \(\star\), \(\circ\), \(\bullet\), \(\otimes\), \(\oplus\), \(\ominus\), \(\oslash\), \(\odot\), \(\amalg\), \(\dagger\), \(\ddagger\), \(\nearrow\), \(\searrow\), \(\nwarrow\), \(\swarrow\), \(\vee\), \(\wedge\), \(\sqcup\), \(\bigcirc\), \(\diamond\),

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