Here is the first example of long division. You can run it on the website (or a website you prefer): (now requires login) (currently no login is needed)

If you have latex installed on your computer, that would be best since it can be faster and you will have more control. 

A code that barely works is here, if you are not patient enough, you can skip this and go all the way near the end:

The output should be looks like this, but with a gap to the right of the radical sign.

Polynomial long division : Find quotient and reminder (latex code available for free)

You may use arraystretch to adjust the space. The above picture shows the result of a stretch by a factor of1.1. 

A nice fix with the complete latex code, with comments(removed system genereated strings, so it can compile without errors now):

It has 8 columns, n=8 (see the comments in the code and the reference link). The output should be looks like this:

Long division latex code that works

As an exercise, modify the above code to get the output as in thhe following picture:

polynomial long division latex code example

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