First, download R here:

R can be installed under Windows 7 or Windows 8. Users who use our tutorial services can get help on R installation and some post installation issues. 

Here is an example of creating your first data matrix, with two rows and ten columns. The i-j position is simply the summation of the two indices. 

If you wish to see only the line by line code, you can copy and paste the following, either line by line or all together:

Your output will be looks like:

> sample_data
                 A  B  C  D  E  F   G   H   I    J
Program A 2   3  4   5  6   7   8    9  10  11
Program B 3   4  5   6  7   8   9   10  11 12

Next, we can modify some entries. You can just run the following code and observe the result:

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